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Der Greif - Guest Room: Renee Mussai and Belinda Kazeem-Kaminski

Der Greif - Guest Room: Renee Mussai and Belinda Kazeem-Kaminski

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Response-ability, Touch/Change, Otherwise

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Open to all

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Cash Prize
Guest Room aims to spark collaboration. Curator, writer & scholar Renée Mussai, who pursues a special interest in Black feminist and queer visual arts practices, has chosen to collaborate with Belinda Kazeem-Kamiński, a writer, artist & artistic researcher engaging in a process-oriented practice that deals with the condition of Black life in the African diaspora. Together, they have developed the following framework for your submissions: "Response-ability — Touch/Change — Otherwise".

"Taking our cues from Toni Morrison’s potent expression of ‘response-ability’ and Octavia E. Butler’s generative ideas of transformation, we invite artists to consider notions of change — chemical, social, emotional, personal, political, economic, sexual, cultural, physical, and otherwise.

How might photographic visions convey different states of being and becoming? How might we activate the medium’s potential to embrace and shape change? What do images forged from the trans/formative powers of change look like? Whose touch do they desire/require? What temperature is their pictorial climate? How might we activate our art-and-change-making capacities responsibly to cultivate and practice freedom(s), and see — look — think — live — act differently? What can photography offer in moments of precarity — a visual blanket, shield, or embrace? What might a photographic shelter look like? In times of global turmoil that require critical action on many fronts, with human rights violations abound, what kinds of images — or image bodies — activate change, internal or external, collective and individual? How might photography offer visual paths and possibilities to imag(in)ing otherwise?"

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Please note: Images which have been selected for a previous Der Greif opportunity are not eligible for re-submission. We want to support the broadest range of photographers possible and therefore encourage you to submit work that has not yet been selected by our past Guest Curators. Any images which do not comply with these terms will be removed from the selection process.

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After over a decade of serving the international photography community Der Greif is now finally a registered non-profit. We believe this organizational structure best reflects our artistic and cultural mission. As always, your artistic contribution makes our work on Der Greif possible.
Since starting Guest Room in January 2015, we’ve been working hard to invite a broad range of practitioners, from gallerists to editors and curators. We are convinced that this format is an interesting and low-barrier approach to help artists get their work in front of people who might be interested in working with them. For this reason, we are asking you to consider making a financial contribution as well. That’s why we’re suggesting a voluntary donation of 8€ as a submission fee. 100% of the funds we collect from your donations will go towards helping us continue providing interesting opportunities for the photography community through Guest Room, and thus expand Der Greif.