Photography Contest

Open Call for Exhibitions at Fotofestival Lenzburg 2023

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Please submit 5 to 15 images and a short description of the project

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23 Euros

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We live in uncertain times. The center is falling out. What remains is: Either. Or. Things have become alarmingly disjointed. Not just in the world at large, but even down to our personal lives. We long for a stable center, yet life’s forces are tearing at us in every which direction. This wouldn’t even necessarily be a bad thing. Sometimes, breaks can offer a welcomed opportunity for renewal as long as things can be reassembled afterwards – preferably in more meaningful, new and improved ways. Making the world whole again. Such a process would be called synthesis. Or at least that’s the term that seems most suitable for our considerations.

We understand synthesis as a process that enhances something by combining multiple elements. Yet, the resulting ensemble is greater than its individual parts – not because the individual parts don’t matter or don’t matter equally, but because they fundamentally do.

But to achieve this is a constant balancing act of all the different interests, forces and components.

In this respect, we can think of a photo festival also as the result of many collaborating hands and contributing minds. It is something that is formed from different ideas and by joint acts of transformation. But above all, a festival is the coming together of many photographic positions. And creating a space for lively exchanges.

From its very beginnings, the Fotofestival Lenzburg has considered itself a kind of laboratory for possible syntheses in terms of content and form, positions and practices, expertises and publics. Under our chosen title of SYNTHESIS we are delighted to invite all of you to contemplate with us possible topics and images for the next edition of Fotofestival Lenzburg. We are looking forward to your contributions and participation.