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Poetic Storytelling

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Poetic Storytelling

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Open to all

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The power of photography as a tool for storytelling lies in its ability to convey the impression that the image captured within the frame is an accurate representation of a specific moment in time. However, every narrative is inherently limited by the selective inclusion and exclusion of certain elements. This is a crucial aspect of photographic storytelling; it is not only about what is presented within the frame but also what is left out of the frame - and left to the viewer's imagination - granting interpretive liberty (or poetic license) to both the creator and the viewer.

Praxis Gallery seeks the submission of photographic art that explore the development of visual narratives through a poetic lens. The stories may take any form ranging from literal depictions to fantasy or fiction, they may be complex or minimalist in approach. All genres, capture types, black & white and color, traditional and non-traditional photographic and digital post-production processes are welcome for submission.