Photography Contest

2023 traditional post-conflict grant

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Post-conflict grant

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Working photographers worldwide who are interested in creating work that helps illumine aftermath issues

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Cash Prize
Looking ahead at a new year – which I always welcome – I have to say I feel a twinge of regret announcing that the application cycle for our traditional post-conflict grant is now open.

  Because this announcement always means that somewhere in the world a war is going on.

  But the twinge of regret quickly gives way to gratitude that we are able to offer this $25,000 grant to help illumine the cost of war and the price of peace. It’s a privilege to support photographers who are telling the other half of the story of war – thank you for your work.

  Because this is our traditional post-conflict grant, it is open to working photographers covering post-conflict stories anywhere in the world. As always, we will name one winner of our $25,000 grant, and four finalists.

  The application is now available on our website. The application deadline is March 10, 2023, and we plan to announce the grant winner and finalists by the end of that month.