Photography Contest

Summer Lovin

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Summer Lovin

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Open to all

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Between $15 and $40

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The hottest season centered the summer solstice, the days are long and filled with carefree fun, sunshine, tradition and culture. Iconic songs like LFO's "Summer Girls," Grease's "Summer Nights" and movies like "The Graduate" and "Wet Hot American Summer" are engrained in American culture. Fireworks, sunblock, hot dogs, baseball, ice cream. Summer. Summers are growing longer due to climate change. In recent years we've seen shifts in temperatures, weather patterns and the political climate.

We are in search of 10-15 artists who represent this theme in a creative way - visually or conceptually.

The deadline to apply is Monday, September 19th. Artists will be notified no later than Monday, September 26th (3 days after Summer in the Northern Hemisphere officially comes to an end.) The Exhibition will run October 3rd - November 1st.

Please thoroughly read the application requirements and complete the following questions below. Upon acceptance, we will use this information to promote your work on social media. By paying this application fee, you will be exempt from paying future call for entry fees forever. If you've previously paid an application fee with treat gallery, contact us for a promotional code to waive this fee.