Photography Contest


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Revēlō (to show, uncover, reveal or disclose)

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Open to all

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Artists are encouraged to submit up to 5 images. The selected works will be exhibited in an outdoor exhibition in the NCMA sculpture park for all of October during the Click! Photography Festival and at various projection events throughout the festival. The Exhibition will run from October 1 through October 31 with an opening event at NCMA on October 9th to coincide with their Monster Drawing event.
Images should be saved as JPGSs at 300 dpi with the longest dimension being 1600px. The submission portal will also ask for artist name, titles, and short statement.

Revēlō (to show, uncover, reveal or disclose) Portraits and self-portraits have been fixtures in art for centuries. They can reveal both hidden and visible characteristics, create fantasies and myths, describe performative roles, and question identity. How do we construct and project our identity and reality via portraits? Do they open a window into ourselves and our lives, or protect our vulnerabilities? Disguising or revealing identity can take many forms. It can be of the other, the self, or the familiar; it can be figurative or expressed as an intimate or inanimate object. When portraying our personal reality, a portrait can be of a place, a thing, a concept, a feeling, a belief, an event, a moment, or a memory. Memories change over time and we can use the metaphor of an archaeological excavation as a way to remember previous experiences. Does a portrait represent a moment in time rather than a static, universal expression? Artists such as Cindy Sherman, Zanele Muholi, Vivian Maier, Hugh Mangum, and Samuel Fosso put versions of themselves in their work to explore the concepts of identity, reality, and message. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many artists were restricted to using themselves and their familiars as subjects. Who are we now?